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Personal Injury Attorney Baltimore, MD - Christine Affleck Basham has been a leader in the fields of personal injury and wrongful death law for more than 25 years. Clients have collected millions in damages as a result of a caring, but very aggressive legal style, and you pay nothing unless there is a recovery.

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a personal injury lawyer, I strive to provide excellent representation for all of my clients who experience an accident or harm because of the negligence of a third party. I am interested in helping people, which is why I represent individuals, families, and small businesses. My main objective is to get clients the compensation and peace of mind they deserve for their claim, which is why I am relentless in aggressively pursuing the right outcome for every case.

With years of experience handling personal injury claims, I understand first-hand what my clients are going through and are prepared to speak with them through their most difficult times. I measure the success of ourselves with the outcome we achieve for our clients’ case, meaning we will never feel satisfied unless our clients are. Experience has taught me the true value in properly assessing and investigating a claim for my clients, meaning I know what to look for, where to look for it, and I understand what it means in handling a client’s case. Part of this experience entails knowing about the statute of limitations for the state the suit will be filed, negligence causation, contributory negligence, assumption of risk, and any other pertinent issue that may be relevant. I am one of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in Maryland, and clients will never feel like they are ever taking a chance when working with me. I make sure they are as confident in me as we are in ourselves.

I recognize the importance of having certain key factors to be successful in the courtroom, one of those being extreme focus and dedication to the case. I understand that our skills in determining issues, like negligence and causation, in a case are exceptional and that they weigh heavily on establishing the compensation a client will ultimately receive. This is a fact I do not take lightly. Given that most personal injury cases settle before going to court, I truly understand the significance of negotiating the most reasonable settlements possible. This also means I am always going to be objective with our clients, and I am never going to settle a case too abruptly. I promise to treat every case individually with equal dedication and vigor to get the desired outcome every time.

I want to be open and honest with clients in order to establish trust and honesty from the onset of their claim. Saying this, I believe that reputation and personality have a distinct correlation with one another. I understand the value and relationship between having a stellar personality in the courtroom and outside of it. I also recognize that our reputation will always be predicated on our personality, and that it is undeniable that a lawyer’s reputation carries heavy weight. My reputation as one of the leading personal injury lawyers in Baltimore speaks volumes for us in the courtroom and with all our clients. I have gained our standing over the years by adopting a personality that always respects our injured clients, is available to answer all their queries, updates them on their case, and delivers the best results for them we possibly can. I know this is crucial for everyone.

When a person experiences an injury, whether it be physical or psychological, it can be one of the most traumatic experiences in their lives. Personal injury claims are not something to be taken lightly, nor are they a matter for an inexperienced lawyer with inadequate credentials. Many clients are unsure as to whether or not they have a valid injury to support starting a claim, which is why we are here to help. In order to establish early on whether a case is worthy of a claim, it is important for us to sit down with the client and conduct a case evaluation. After the initial discussion, we will dive directly in to gathering the appropriate documentation and evidence for the claim, all while extensively communicating throughout every step until reaching an outcome the client deserves.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with me. Whether it is via telephone or email, I am ready to answer any call. You can be sure you are dealing the most experienced, well-respected, and driven personal injury lawyer in the area, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Personal Injury Attorney Baltimore, MD - After gaining significant trial experience and learning the inner workings of the insurance industry while practicing for big business legal defense, Ms. Basham switched to the other side of civil law. She started her own Firm focusing solely on plaintiff’s cases. The benefit of having legal experience for both defense and plaintiffs is unique and extremely advantageous to both attorney and clients.


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Christine Basham is a life-long resident of Harford County and has been practicing in the legal field for over 25 years. Ms. Basham began her career as a Judicial Clerk to the Honorable William O. Carr, in Harford County. During her tenure...

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My infant son and I were suddenly walking alone due to his father’s tragic accident. I am thankful that this lonely road was then guided by my attorney and my friend, Christine Affleck Basham. To find an attorney who is passionate, honest, and yet aggressive to represent your child…

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