The Firm

Christine Affleck Basham Law Offices

After gaining significant trial experience and learning the inner workings of the insurance industry while practicing for big business legal defense, Ms. Basham switched to the other side of civil law. She started her own Firm focusing solely on plaintiff’s cases. The benefit of having legal experience for both defense and plaintiffs is unique and extremely advantageous to both attorney and clients.

Several key principals were used in creating the Firm. The first, is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Mutual respect between the attorney and client is crucial to maximizing the benefits of any legal relationship. It is a lawyer’s responsibility to not only explain the process in a manner that is clear and easy to understand, but also to help a client through the entire process one day at a time until the matter is completely resolved.

The second key principal is access to your attorney. The goal is to be available to clients 24 hours a day. Ms. Basham remembered having hundreds of cases at one time and never believed that lawyers with that type of caseload could possibly know each client and obtain the best possible results. Therefore, from the firm’s inception, she decided to only accept a limited number of cases. In this manner, Ms. Basham knows each client, their needs, and can best meet both her own and her client’s expectations for exceptional results. An important part of this access is direct contact with your attorney. Clients do not speak with secretaries or paralegals and the goal of the Firm is to answer all calls and emails the same day. Often clients are shocked to find that their inquiries are answered when they place late night or early morning calls, texts and emails; even on the weekends and holidays. Access to your attorney is essential.

The final key principal in obtaining successful results for clients is to be aggressive from the day representation begins. The firm does not believe in a “wait and see attitude”. Success is met only with hard work and continually moving forward. Ms. Basham does not believe that attorneys should wait until an insurance company decides it is time to settle a claim. The first move and each that follows is the responsibility of the attorney. As a seasoned attorney, she makes sure that cases do not sit. Claims are settled for their maximum value in an expedient manner because clients should not have to wait unnecessarily for their recoveries.